By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

PHOENIX, AZ — Entrenue Distribution has confirmed to our newsroom that they have secured exclusive U.S. distributor of the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo and Duo, the newest iterations of the now-famous guybrator for men.

“Hot Octopuss really changed the game with the introduction of the Pulse and we are honored to have been chosen to bring the Pulse III series to customers across the country,” said Entrenue President Joe Casella. “We have worked with Hot Octopuss since the Pulse’s first prototype and it’s been lovely to watch the business grow from the beginning. They listen to feedback and make tweaks and adjustments with their customers’ pleasure and satisfaction in mind, and the products’ performance on the retail side shows that Hot Octopuss has built a loyal following. This brand has always been a strong seller for us and we are very excited to show our customers what the Pulse III Solo and Duo are all about.” said Casella.

These male masturbators provide hands-free penile stimulation with or without a partner and have helped transform a category to include thoughtful, tech-focused stimulation made for people with penises.

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Retailers as you know the Hot Octopuss made a name for itself after introducing unique PulsePlate Technology that provided an intensely targeted stimulation method that changed the way the industry thinks about male pleasure. The Pulse III, Pulse’s third generation, has been upgraded with two models to choose from: Pulse III Solo is designed exclusively for solo play, while the Pulse III Duo is designed with couples in mind. Both units function the same way, but the Pulse III Duo is equipped with a remote control and vibrating underside to provide simultaneous stimulation for the user’s partner.

Both the Pulse III Solo and Duo boast a 25 percent more powerful motor equipped with a Turbo function, an anti-stall sensor designed to compensate for pressure exerted unto the PulsePlate, and state-of-the-art magnetic charging. Each toy is waterproof and offers five stimulation modes with adjustable intensity.

In addition to its mechanical upgrades, the Pulse III has received a bit of a face-lift and is available in new colors with beautiful eye-catching new packaging.

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