By: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV – We are so excited to bring our first selection for our new platform, Gay adult biz theme songs that fit our marketplace like a glove and, the only way to field through all of the hot tracks out there, the music videos must be enticing and explosive.

Themes from ballads, mid-tempo, Dance/electronic will all be considered.

Our first selection is no stranger to those who now hot dance/electronic genre music, DJ Offer Nissim, the sizzling Israeli DJ, remixer, and record producer who has ranked 4 times on DJ Magazine’s annual list of Top 100 DJs; In 2006 (29th), in 2007 (56th), in 2008 (51st) and in 2009 (43rd).

Nissim scored big time when in 2012, he produced the official remix to Madonna’s hit song “Girl Gone Wild”.

11 Albums later, Nissim still ignites Arenas and the track out of his vast collection of hits to spotlight is none other than Offer Nissim ft. Maya Simantov “Everybody Needs A Man”.

Singer: Maya Simantov | Twitter |

Music: Everybody Needs a Man

DJ: Nissim Offer  | Twitter |

Editing by @fabiocarvalhoo

Watch the #fabiocarvalhoo Edited Version of “Everybody Needs A Man”

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