By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

RALEIGH, NC — It has been a busy morning in the state house in Raleigh as Republican Lawmakers in the General Assembly have been meeting all day in a special session for a possible repeal of the anti-LGBT legislation known as the “bathroom bill’, #HB2.

Not only is there drama taking place up in Raleigh but it has also stretched its ugly arm down in the city of Charlotte as Republicans claim that the City Council who conveined early Wednesday morning, to discuss the NC GOP’s drama complaint that they had not repealed every provision of the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance demanded by their ideology and so called values.

The Charlotte Reports:
“The city council, meeting early Wednesday, voted 7-2 to redo its Monday vote following reports that some legislators were unwilling to vote for a repeal of HB2 because the council did not repeal the entirety of its ordinance.  City officials insisted that Monday’s action had removed all provisions that legislators had objected to. “The City Council acted in good faith to do everything that it understood was necessary to facilitate the repeal of HB2,” the city said in a statement after the vote. But the vote Wednesday fully repealed the changes made in the February ordinance.’

NC Republican leaders dispute the economic turmoil of the outrageous legislation that they were foolish enough to pass in the first place.  Their right wing conservative ideology has cost North Carolina tens of millions of dollars as major sports events moved, businesses went elsewhere and critics organized boycotts.  We will know soon enough the outcome of today’s state assembly session.

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