By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — WebMediaPro Management Company of leading gay affiliate program network, ZBuckz, issued the following announcement that they are partnering with famed director Toby Ross, an inductee into the GayVN Hall of Fame Award and recipient of Grabby’sLifetime Achievement Award“.

Toby Ross is also the Owner of Big Dik Factory and HornBill studios. ZBuckz will assume control of BigDikFactory and  TobyRoss sites, and the associated affiliate program.

“Toby’s body of work spanning from the ’70s through to today has a dreamlike artistic quality that is unlike anything being produced today,” said Program Director of Zbuckz, Danny Zeeman. “As both a pioneer and living legend of gay erotic cinema, it brings me great excitement to work with him.  There is an increased demand for larger budget, story driven erotic entertainment, and we will be giving Toby’s users the ultimate outlet to enjoy all of his films past, present and into the future.” said Zeeman.

Ross, who was born in Germany and immigrated to San Francisco in the early ’70s, got his start making artistic 8mm and 16mm underground gay films inspired by the European art cinema of the time.

“The incredible freedom he found in the U.S.A, inspired him to produce avant-garde films that went far beyond being just “gay porn” or “jack off movies.” said Zeeman.

“It was indescribable, it was a fireball composed of anarchy, nihilism and ‘live for today, fuck tomorrow’ type of feeling in SF at that time,” explained Ross. “It was not really a life; it was a fantasy.” said Ross.

Some of his most successful and well-known 16 mm films of the ’70s include Do Me Evil, Cruisin’ 57 and Schoolmates. Those went on to be very successful in underground cinema circles. He continued producing and directing films on video in the ’80s, making everything from R-rated festival films to XXX-rated erotic storyline movies. One thing that he has maintained throughout all of his work, though, is his honesty, not to mention his unique style.

“I pour my own personality into my work, I create fantasies for men that I would love to experience myself,” add Ross. “I chose interesting types, fringe types, not from the gay mainstream. I stay away from fem types and I incorporate women and straight guys to give a film an ‘integrated in society’ look as if we all live together on the same planet and all have something sexually in common. Another thing is that I approach sex from a very psychological point of view. Yyou know what they say: the brain is the largest sex organ.” said Ross.

ZBuckz and Ross have decided to close Toby’s former membership site BigDikFactory. Current affiliates of will need to change their linking codes and promote the new Toby Ross site through ZBuckz in order to get credit for sales.  Additionally, will be the only place to find the full X-rated versions of the studio’s festival films—films that have never been seen elsewhere.

“The new website is on a fully responsive platform to optimize performance and increase conversions,” said Zeeman. “With the focus of the site now being on Toby himself, we will attract fans of both his art films and hardcore gay porn fans.” said Zeeman.

“I am proud and excited to team up with Danny Zeeman and his team,” said Ross, founder of Big Dik Factory. “By turning the daily operational control of my membership site and affiliate program over to ZBuckz, I will focus on what I do best: making great films. Great stuff is coming and I feel like I am home!” said Ross.

As part of its management of the affiliate program, ZBuckz will offer affiliates 60% commission on all sales and rebills to  For more information on Zbuckz contact “Danny Z” Zeeman at  | ICQ: #159549947 | | Twitter |

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