By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO, CA — The casting division at powerhouse Helix Studios Entertainment kept their latest discovery underwraps with a top secret level clearance to even mention his name!

blake-mitchell-and-landon-vega-helix-studios Now, after declassifying him, the award winning Helix Studios label have just premiered newcomer 18 year-old, 5’6, 125lb 7.5″ Cock versatile pretty boy who is soon to become a fan favorite of the Helix studios fan base,, “Landon Vega“.

In true Executive Producer Keith Miller fashion, he teams his latest discovery with one of his elite exclusive superstars, Blake Mitchell who was thrilled to be cast to co-star with Vega.

The publicity division broke it down for us so that we know what we can expect in “Introducing Landon Vega” (2016);

landon-vega-helix-studios-exclusive-model“Blake Mitchell adores meeting new people, especially hot young twinks with great asses. Fresh from North Carolina & only 18, Landon Vega settles in to Cali with one of our top tops! Sitting in a sunny field, Blake gets to the “bottom” of all Landon’s lusty fantasies; his coming out story, high school experience and the fact that he likes aggressive tops, hence this perfect pairing. Throwing caution to the wind, Blake gets the lovely latin up against a tree for an old fashioned park make out session . As things heat up and the guys are unable to hide their growing groins, they move somewhere so Blake can unleash the full welcome wagon.

If Master Mitchell is impressed with your cock size…. you DEFINITELY got a big dick! The new kid is packin’! Like a dog with a bone Blake goes IN, welcoming the entire width with wet lips. Newbie devours Mitchell’s massive member like the 18 year old cock crazed twink he is, and the kids got enough ass to back all that dick up too! Spreading it open like a best seller, Blake taste tastes his next destination. Bracing the boy with a confident order, top man Mitchell tells the twink where to sit.

The boy knows it’s the best seat in the house and acts accordingly AND…. Condom free. Always the gentleman, Blake makes sure to give his new friend an amazing reach around. This boy was made for movies, even as his eyes glaze over and he’s drunk on cock the newbie makes sure he gives us the good stuff. He opens EVERYTHING wide for the camera. In an epic top man moment, Blake blasts his bottom’s ass standing, legs strong and sinewy. It’s pure porn poetry as bottom boy jacks his giant junk while Blake blasts butt as they cum into the home stretch! Putting his stamp on the new kid, Blake busts all over and IN Landon’s lovely loins, welcoming him to the Helix family the best way we know how.”


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Now if you thought the synopsis was hot, just wait until you watch these two you twink deliver a mouthwatering performance that wil have you on the brink several times throughout the duration of the scene which is now streaming exclusively on the Helix Studios Network.

Cast: Blake Mitchell | Landon Vega

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Directed by: Keith Miller

Produced by: Keith Miller

Production Co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Runtime: 31 Minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Retailers we are sure to see “Introducing Landon Vega” coming in early 2017 on DVD.  In the meantime, stock up on their latest hits, Lifeguard (2016), Twink Confessions 2 (2016) and Ex’s & Oh’s (2016).

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