By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

CATANIA, ITALY – Once again the legendary producer and director Lucas Kazan has introduced the Gay adult film industry to a gorgeous young man known as “Marco”.

Lucas Kazan I’m sure, has huge plans for this young newcomer and we are lucky enough to watch Marco in his first solo performance which Lucas Kazan describes below.

“Newbies are often camera-shy. They may get their cocks hard, but seldom answer questions with anything more than a syllable or two. NOT Marco, who kept talking and talking and talking through his solo. He’s from Naples and Neapolitans are known to be… extroverted. Obviously, sharing his sexual adventures helped Marco focus and keep his dick rock hard. An exhibitionist? “You bet”, says director Ettore Tosi. “We have great expectations for this jock and look forward to the next of many steps. He’s 21, he’s hung, he’s a sex pig, he loves the camera… Stay tuned”


Marco will not only be a hit in the EU but also in the USA and Canada in 2017 and that we can take to the bank with the track record of multi-award winning Lucas Kazan and the LKP label.

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