By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – Strike one for the adult stores as employees of a popular San Bernardino pleasure products store came under attack by a would be armed robbery suspect but, things didn’t turn out in his favor.

Employees of the popular adult retail chain, Lotions & Lace, located at 796 Inland Center Drive, weren’t going to be scared and made to be victims when it came to a hooded individual who entered their store brandishing a hand gun demanding money. However the employees used sex toys to turn the tables on the badly planned armed robbery.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance tape and released to the media in hopes of someone coming forward with information on this clown.

Now here is the clicker! One of the employee’s realized that the gun was a fake. According to the employee, she was irritated that he had the nerve to come into her store trying to rob her.

At one point, the man can be seen making a grab for the employee. That is when her coworker went into action and started throwing sex toys at the robbery suspect.

Finally he gave up and left the store empty handed and humiliated. He had to have known he was caught on surveillance tape but then again, he was stupid enough to walk into a store with a fake gun so who knows.

San Bernardino Police are hoping that someone will recognize the suspect from the surveillance video and turn him in. Anyone with information are asked to contact the San Bernardino police department at 909-384-6742 | Crimesstoppers 800-222-TIPS (8477)

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