By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

BATON ROUGE, LA — A right wing conservative judge has thrown out the executive order issued by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards that protected LGBTQ government employees from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Judge Todd Hernandez stated that the action “an unlawful usurp of the constitutional authority vested only in the legislative branch of government.” said Judge Hernandez.

Governor Edwards issued the order that provided exemptions for religiously affiliated organizations back in April for for some odd ball reason as most conservatives think, that wasn’t good enough for Judge Hernandez.

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The anti-discrimination order is unconstitutional according to Judge Hernandez, because it seeks to create or expand state law. The order prohibited discrimination in government and state contracts based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Judge Hernandez decision gave a victory to Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry who had filed the lawsuit challenging the LGBT-rights executive order. Praising the ruling, Attorney General Landry said T“Upholding the checks and balances on executive authority as established in our state constitution.”

Governor Edwards and his legal team are examining the ruling and will comment once they have decided on what their next move will be.

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