By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

CAMBRIDGE, MA – I’ve watch this online Gay Frat porn genre network for a long time and I must say that they keep it original, hot, spontaneous and yes, I mean it, they keep it “real”. One thing is for sure! In ths reporter’s opinion, the FraternityX Label is going to reach new hights in 2017.

Their latest drop entitled FraternityX Episode 158 “Frat Porn”, was dropped on Dec 7  with a superb performance by these “frat boys” who know how to handle their free time from studying.


According to the network’s latest synopsis on “Frat Porn”….”We don’t watch no gay porn. We like the bitches. So when our boy Tyler wanted to throw on a video of some dudes fucking each other. We threw his ass on the ground and made him our bitch. Taking turns nailing his fuck holes while watching some real porn.”

The Fraternity X adult label are a real Fraternity at a University in Arizona just outside of Phoenix. The young entrepreneurs of the Frat created a gay porn site to help put them through college and little did they know it would become a fixed name brand in Gay porn lovers heads 24/7.

To make sure things stay within college rules of conduct and not to cause any drama, the label does not say their fraternity name or letters in any of their productions.

“A lot of people ask if were straight or gay. We don’t like labels but would probably consider ourselves bi-sexual. Some of us have done porn in the past but never created our own site. Its been really tough, and is a lot of work to maintain. We deserve every penny of your monthly membership fee. So if you’re not a member and like watching the previews, try subscribing to the site. We promise you won’t be disappointed.” states the FraternityX’ About Us page.

frat-porn-screenshot-3-fraternityxRetailers for a long time have wanted to get the Fraternity X Gay label on DVD but so far there are no rumors that could be coming anytime soon but, right now you can review the Fraternity X Label’s latest Gay Frat Erotica exclusively on the FraternityX Network.

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