By: Michael “The Sizzler’ Jacobs, Staff Writer

BERLIN, GERMANY — Center of my World (German: Die Mitte der Welt), is a 2016 German coming-of-age Gay romantic drama film directed by Jakob M. Erwa. The movie is based on the 1998 bestselling novel “The Center of the World” by author Andreas Steinhöfel.

Austrian-born director Erwa’s adaptation of Andreas Steinhoefel’s best seller stars newcomers Louis Hofmann and Jannik Shuemann as teenage lovers.


“The 17-year-old Phil comes back from a summer camp and returns to the old mansion ‘Visible’ where he lives with his mother, Glass, and his twin sister, Dianne. They barely have contact to the other citizens of this village; they consider Phil’s family to be strange and Dianne is said to be able to talk with animals. However, they are often visited by Tereza, a lawyer, who has always some good advice for Phil. Phil does notice that something has changed between his mother and his sister and that they do not talk to each other anymore, however, he rather spends his last days of his summer holidays with his best friend Kat. When school begins, the mysterious Nicholas enters the class. Phil feels drawn to him and they soon engage in a passionate love affair, even though it turns Phil’s feelings upside down because he does not know what Nicholas thinks of him. Furthermore, his friendship with Kat is put to test because Phil’s first love causes envy and jealousy. Finding his center of the world becomes Phil’s biggest challenge.”

Early Reception on Center of My World (2016)

“The blossoming relationship between Phil and Nick becomes the film’s center for a while as the teens’ heavy flirting turns into a physical relationship. This is one of the film’s biggest strengths” said “The Hollywood Reporter

The Russian movie critic “Andrej Plachow”, who is in charge of the selection panel of the Moscow film festival, said “I fear that there will be barely any companies in Russia that want to distribute this movie. They understand that they would get into trouble. However, the movie was received surprisingly positively by the audience in Moscow” said Plachow.

In fact the star of Center of My World (2016) Louis Hofmann who plays (Phil), was awarded with the 2016 Deutscher Schauspielerpreis as “Best Young Actor” several weeks before the premier which took place on November 10.

“Center Of My World “Die Mitte der Welt” is a definite must watch for today’s coming age LGBTQ youths.” “JRL CHARTS”


Cast: Louis Hofmann | Jannik Shuemann | Sabine Timoteo | Ada Philine Stappenbeck | See Full Cast |

center-of-my-world-die-mitte-der-weltDirector: Jakob M Erwa

Director of Photography: The Ngo Cha

Screenplay: Jakob M. Erwa

Story By: Andreas Steinhoefel

Producer: Boris Schoenfelder | Viktoria Salcher | Mathias Forberg | Bernhard zu Castell

Production Co:: Neue Schoenhauser Filmproduktion | Prisma Film | Mojo Pictures

Distributor: Universum Film

Runtime: 115 Minutes

Release Date: November 10, 2016

Country: Germany

Language: German (English Subtitles)

Review the official trailer on YouTube.


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