By: Michael “The Sizzler Jacobs, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — Finally after months of speculation, production hickups and regular obstacles that come with producing a sci-fi film, Terra Mater Films drops the Official trailer of their Sci-Fi Thriller “Mindgamers” (2017) which has already garnered over 4,400,000 YouTube Views in its first 10 days.


The new dystopian horror/sci-fi action thriller from Terra Mater Films, the cinema division of energy drink Czars Red Bull — launched today to coincide with Red Bull’s own ongoing online gaming tournament “Mission Unlock Enoch” centered around the themes and ideas behind the film.

“What If We Could Hack the Human Mind?”
“What If We Could All Become One”
“What If It’s Already Happening?”

“In MindGamers, a group of brilliant young students make a scientific breakthrough: the creation of a wireless neural network, connected via a quantum computer and capable of linking human minds. Transferring motor-skills from one brain to another, they engender the first human shareware. Freely spreading this technology, they see it as a step towards a new equality and intellectual freedom. But they soon discover that they themselves are part of a much greater and more sinister experiment, as dark forces emerge and threaten to subvert this technology into a means of mass-control.”

Cast: Sam Neill | Tom Payne | Melia Kreiling | Ursula Strauss | Antonia Campbell-Hughes |

mindgamers-movie-posterDirected by: Andrew Goth

Written by: Andrew Goth

DOP: John Pardue

Cinematographer: Gerry Vasbenter

Production: Terra Mater Films Factual Studios

Country: Australia

Official Website:

“MindGamers” (2017) is set for release in March 2017 in the United States

Watch the official trailer of Mindgamers (2017) on YouTube.


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