By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

AUSTRALIA – Actor Maxwell Caulfield portrays the character (Rob Turner) who finds himself in this gritty and confronting Gay short film that taps into workplace discrimination and the turmoil caused when a middle-class family’s values and beliefs are interrupted by nature.


Caulfield delivers a fantastic performance and it is no wonder that he is nominated for Best Actor at the 2016 Eastern NC Film Festival for his performance in “The Tormentors” (2016)

the-tormentors-gay-short-film-posterYou can check out the interview director Darren L. Downs and Maxwell Caulfield gave after the film was in post-production – Click Here.

Cast: Maxwell Caulfield | Axle Gunn | Rowan Howard | Steve Sammut | Xander Speight

Genres: Gay Short Films | Short Films | Drama

Produced | Written | Director by: Darren L. Downs

Production Co: Offbeat Pictures

Country: Australia

Language: English

Watch the Full Length Gay Short Film “The Tormentors” on YouTube.



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