By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

BIELEFELD, GERMANY — Retailers worldwide who are interested in carrying the sensational Satisfyer Pro 2, a pleasure product designed to stimulate the clitoris and help women reach more intense orgasms more quickly, can find the item more easily, now that 50 distributors worldwide are stocking it.

The makers of the highly sought after Satisfyer Pro 2 contracted with an impressive number of distributors in only six months.

“We are happy that we achieved this goal in such a short period of time,” said Jerome Bensimon, vice president of sales for the Satisfyer. “We are also extremely proud that our product is among the Top 3 bestselling products of all distributors.”said Bensimon.

Plus in addition to the Satisfyer Pro 2, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, as well as the battery-operated models Satisfyer 1 and Satisfyer 2, are now also available for delivery.

Contact your local distributor for ordering information on “The Satisfyer Collection” or, for direct response, email

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