By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

HARBESON, DE — The owner of the popular Dragon’s Lair Adult Store is speaking out after she set up a Santa Village complete with a real Santa for children right next to the adult store.

Dragon’s Lair owner “Jennifer Layfield”, told told NBC10 “There was no local Santa Claus for families to meet in her town and she wanted to change that.” said Layfrield. “It just happens to be, I’m a mom and a grand mom that really likes kids,” Layfield said. “I wanted these kids to have a Santa locally.” said Layfield.

Layfield brought in a friend to play Santa complete with the bell. They both set up a small Santa Village house in the parking lot of the Dragon’s Lair located at 26453 Lewes Georgetown Hwy.

Of course local residents had issues with this considering Jarbeson, Delaware is a small community. “Come see Santa that’s what it’s all about,” Layfield told NBC10. “I’m not saying come into the shop. I’m not advertising and saying, ‘Oh here’s the bait line, we also have Santa.” said Layfield.

Layfield told NBC10 that the Santa’s Village House is close to 50 feet away from adult store and there aren’t any signs or advertisements indicating that we sell pleasure products or what we sell in the store for that matter. Layfield told NBC10 “Most parents don’t even know and those who do don’t bring their children inside.” said Layfield. “The children meet Santa and get a free toy – a kid’s toy” compliments of Layfield.  She has owned the Dragon’s Lair for more than 25 years and is located in a safe and clean neighbor.

Watch WRDE Coast-TV’s report on this story.

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