By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Gay erotica award winning studio Entertainment in association with Mind Geek and tarzan-gay-xxx-porn-parody-orgy-diego-sans-luke-adamsPulse Distribution, continue their reign at the top of the Gay adult parody genre with their latest smash hit” Tarzan Gay Themed Short Film” [2016].

Now remember there are two version; “Tarzan Gay Parody” [2016′] and “Tarzan Gay XXX Parody” [2016].  Both I assure you are winners and its showing on YouTube which so far has been viewed over 150,000 times.

Starring the stunning Gay adult film superstar Diego San | Colton Grey | Luke Adams | Tobias |, truly has a blockbuster hit on their hands and when it comes out on DVD Nov.30, 2016, we are sure to see retail stock heavily on tarzan-gay-xxx-porn-parody-dvdwhat could be a multi-award nominated Gay XXX parody category across the award show spectrum.

“In one of the “Must Watch” scenes of Tarzan A Gay XXX Parody, Diego Sans and Tobias are tied up with vines and threatened by a venomous snake, Tobias struggles to survive in the jungle.  It seems Tarzan has other plans for the stranded westerner as he realizes just how similar they are. His animalistic instincts taking over, Tarzan is taught a thing or two about sex by Tobias as they passionately hook up at the base of a beautiful waterfall.

Directed by: Marc MacNamara

Production Company: Entertainment / Mind Geek

Distributor: Pulse Distribution

Watch the Hardcore Gay XXX Version on the Network

Watch the mainstream short film of Tarzan Gay Parody on YouTube.



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