By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON D.C – Once again several African states who have been accused of LGBTQ discrimination consisting of Harassment, discrimination, beatings, rapes, hangings and more, teamed up last week at the United Nations to push an effort to stop any sort of work of the first United Nations independent investigator – appointed by the UN, to help protect the LGBTQ communities in Africa from these immoral acts which occur daily.

Last June, 47 member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council, appointed Vitit Muntarbhorn (pictured above), to a three year mandate to investigate abuses against LGBTI people around the world.

botswana-un-ambassado-charles-ntwaagaeBut here is the clincher, last Friday, the 54-member African caucus circulated a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly third committee attempting to lobby them to halt such an investigation into human rights and instead suggesting that all members should focus on consultations on the legality of the mandate.

Chosen by the African States, Botswana’s UN Ambassador Charles Ntwaagae (pictured right) told fellow member nations that African states mentioned in this bill are concerned that “non-internationally agreed notions such as sexual orientation and gender identity are given attention, to the detriment of issues of paramount importance such as the right to development and the racism agenda.” said Ntwaagae. “Sexual orientation and gender identity should not be linked to existing international human rights instruments.” said Ntwaagae.

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Before you think the United Nations would immediately come to the defense of the LGBTQ International community think again because if you remember, last May 2016, yes 2016, a coalition of more than 50 Muslim countries were able to ban with heavy lobbying and money pulling from organizations of the United Nations, was able to prevent LGBT groups from attending a United Nations AIDS Conference which sole purpose was to end the global epidemic of this disease that continues to take too many people worldwide every year.

The third committee could possibly take up the vote this week on the draft resolution but it has not yet been scheduled or hinted too in great detail but remember, if adopted, it would move forward to a vote by the UN General Assembly.


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