By: Michael “The Sizzler” Baker

GLOUCESTER, NJ — For the first time in the United States Supreme Court’s history, the court is set to hear the heavily reported on case of 17-year-old Gavin Grimm, who’s been barred from using the boys’ restroom at his school within the Gloucester County Board of Education.  This is truly going to be a test for the short-handed court.

The 8 member only Supreme Court confirmed Friday to agree to hear the case of “Gloucester County Board v. G.G.”,  which is based on a transgender student from Virginia who has been caught up in a major battle that is sure to be with him for years to come emotionally.

Grimm’s mother states that this case will make her Transgender son the face of the civil rights of transgender American citizens regardless of age.  The Transgender bathroom war front has been waging on nationwide with localities and state goverments instituting anti-Transgender legislation that has kicked off a firestorm nationwide among businesses, pro sports and conventions who have pulled out of states that have passed Anti-trangender discrimination laws.

gavin-grimm-washington-post-op-edNow that SCOTUS has agreed to hear this milestone case, states and localities will finally find out if existing federal civil rights law requires them to accommodate trans students or allow them to discriminate against them.

“If the Supreme Court does take up my case, I hope the justices can see me and the rest of the transgender community for who we are — just people — and rule accordingly,” wrote Gavin Grimm in a Washington Post op-ed published last Thursday.

(Gavin Grimm Photo Courtesy ABC News)




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