By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO, CA — When the publicity department at the multi-award winning Helix Studios sent word over to our newsroom that their sizzling gay erotica scene entitled “Eager to Please” starring young Gay aiden-garcia-noah-white-eager-to-please-softcoresuperstars Aiden Garcia and Noah White was going to be featured in an upcoming Helix DVD feature film, I knew I had to cover this for our loyal readers.

After reviewing the synopsis of this “Must Watch” sizzler, you will see why executive producer and award winning director Keith Miller, continues to be one of the top Gay Adult Film studios in the business today. In fact this is sure to be a winning performance for these two young superstars.

“That first time you hang out with a guy is always special. Meeting for the first time with butterflies in their stomach, Noah White and Aiden Garcia get to know each other.  Talking about sex with a side of HEAVY flirting is all the guys need to get comfortable and soon their clothes come flying off.  Beautiful blonde bottom Noah is more than excited that Aiden is a top, and a mischievous smile comes across Noah’s lips when Aiden lets him know he’s a people pleaser and will go the extra mile for his partners. Noah takes full advantage of this information, getting his cock and ass eaten like groceries.  Being a good boy, Noah returns the favor & downs Aiden’s “More than a meal” monster and this boy has got a LOT to work with!”

aiden-garcia-noah-white-eager-to-please-helix-studiosThat is just a teaser of what you are going to see in “Eager to Please” from Helix Studios and Helix Studios Direct.

Retailers, we will keep you informed on the details of this scene being featured in an upcoming Helix Studios DVD release.

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but for now, watch this explosive scene exclusively on the Helix Studios Network.



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