By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

MIAMI, FL — Gorgeous Black Gay adult superstars Prince DJ, Lucifer Cane, Golden Chyld, Quake, Tezjork, Toonez, Brandon Smith, Leon Holt and Rahim Stokes star in “Flooded! Creampies 2“.

flooded-2-dvd-scene-4-raw-rods-productionsFlava Works Films could have another blockbuster hit from their Raw Rods label in retail on DVD with this stunning gay erotica production.

“C.O. Leon Holt comes again to check on cocodorm detention inmate Rahim Stokes. But Rahim already know whats up with this C. O. because they have had a run in with each other before. Rahim makes it known that he is hip to the game and clear how things go down.”

flooded2_jrl1“He give Leons dick a nice warm welcoming with his mouth. So I guess Rahim is doing some serious hard time. Check him and Leon out as they get down in solitary confinement.”

Director Rock Rockafella told told JRL “I’m just trying to shoot the hottest black bareback porn out there and with Flooded #2 Cream Pies I think its some of my best work” said Rockafella.

Retailers when you place your order for Flooded 2, make sure to check your inventory to see if you need to restock on Black Bareback College, Contact Flava Works Distribution at 877-352-8276.

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