By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Man Gets Time for Stealing Bag of Sex Toys

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – You will remember when we broke the story on the man who went into a Youngstown adult store and took off with a bag full of “sex toys”.

We are now happy to report that the male suspect identified as Todd Thornton, was sentenced in court last Wednesday.


Todd-Thornton-shoplifter-mugshot-adult-martEarlier this month “Todd Thornton” [pictured right], was busted by police while they were on the hunt for a suspect who had robbed over $100 worth of sex toys from retail giant, Adult Mart located at 1410 Market Street.

One of the employees at the store described Thornton in a police report as a “romance specialist” and continued to tell police that Thornton requested several times the location of several pleasure product items were located.  He then took a armful of products and left the store without paying.

Thornton left the store with adult DVDs, ointments, at least 50 adult magazines and get this – the products that lead to his arrest…yes…sexual enhancement devices!


Police stated in their police report that When Thornton was stopped and put through an on spot investigation, they found a bag full of the stolen items reported by the Adult Mart as well as a set of brass knuckles concealed in his pocket.

Thornton was sentenced to 60 Days in jail and received credit for 17 days served. The court fined Thornton $200 plus court costs.


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