By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

VAN NUYS, CA — Prominent manufacturer of sex toys for men Icon Brands, has teamed with a major industrial design team to develop and patent the “Falcon Reach Douche” – Which features an ergonomically tapered nozzle and an equally ergonomically designed reservoir.

“We looked at quite a few douches, and so many were so similar,” said Icon Brands Sales Manager Jenny Tse. “What when we discovered Reach, we were truly excited. There’s such an elegance to it’s look and an efficiency to it’s design, that we knew we wanted it for Falcon immediately.” said Tse.

Named Falcon Reach Douche for the device’s extra reach the design provides, the item holds an international patent by its manufacturers in PRC.

With an extra large angled soft TPE reservoir for easy press-and-release, it does the job with ease; while the curved nozzle creates the comfort that comes with an anatomically-sensitive shape. “And at a very affordable $12.50 wholesale, it’s no wonder why everyone’s reaching for Reach,” added Tse.

Retailers and independent distributors! The Falcon Reach Douche is now shipping. Contacting your Williams Trading sales representative Toll Free at 800-423-8587, direct at 856-662-3344 or email for more information.

You can also contact Jenny Tse of Icon Brands at (818) 380-7700 Ext. 106 or via email at

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