By: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

NEW YORK, NY — After powerhouse Lucas Entertainment released its first scene from the upcoming DVD release of Barebackula [2016] featuring Dylan James and Alex Kof flip fucking, the 2nd scene from this Gay porn bareback extravaganza has now been released online.  Scene 2 of “Barebackula” [2016] once again brings Dylan James fucking the sexy Damon Heart.

Review the synopsis on “Barebackula Scene 2” [2016];

“The dark servants that populate Castle Bare do more than serve the household needs of Count Barebackula.  They’re permitted to mingle and play with each other, but when the needs of the count call, they must obey.  The count may be the ruler of Castle Bare, but when his sexual commands are fulfilled, he calls upon the strength of his minions to control and subjugate him. Damon Heart as Barebackula summons his dark servant Dylan James to fulfill his nightly needs for sex and seed. The count gives over his throat and ass to earn his minion’s cum… and to seduce the unwitting British Attorney Jonathan Harder.”

Gay adult film fans are going to enjoy this one more than they know! Watch “Barebackula” [2016] exclusively on the Lucas Entertainment Network.


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