By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Recently signed TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele, is not your average Gay adult film star. This particular superstar holds a Degree in history and more than 20+ years in the public eye in television news which captured him Dallas Steele two regional Emmy nominations.

titanmen-signs-retired-dallas-news-anchorOnce he departed his career in Broadcasting, Steele began making a name for himself on mega Gay porn labels such as COLT Studio Group, Fetish Force, Raging Stallion, Bound Jocks, MenAtPlay and now — Steele enjoys his new career as a TitanMen Exclusive Model. Currently starring in TitanMen / Pulse Distribution’s fresh new Gay XXX DVD release Break A Sweat [2015],  Steele took the time out of his busy schedule to chat with me.

Keith Witchka: Hello Dallas Steele and welcome for the first time on JRL CHARTS.. Wow you have been a busy person as of late including the fact that you just signed an exclusive contract with the legendary Gay porn label Titan Media. How did this come about?

Dallas Steele: Hello Keith and thank you for having me here on JRL CHARTS. ….I just started doing porn in March. My first video, a solo, was with the COLT, another legendary studio. About the same time, I applied with TitanMen, as well as Men At Play. TitanMen was the second to call me by only a few days.

In fact, I shot one week with COLT and the next with TitanMen in Palm Springs. From there, I did a few projects with other studios like Men At Play and Raging Stallion, but TitanMen kept calling me.

After experiencing TitanMen’s quality- both in how they treat models and in the appearance of the final product- I was hooked. WhenMen Titan asked me to be exclusive while shooting my sixth movie with them in October, I was incredibly honored and of course said “yes” immediately.

Keith Witchka: It is a rare occurrence where you have Gay adult film actors scoring exclusive contracts. Titan Media, Falcon Studios, Helix Studios, Kristen BJorn and several other Gay porn labels, are continuing to secure elite talent. Were you surprised when Titan Media offered you an exclusive contract?

dallas-steele-jrl-charts-interviewDallas Steele: There is no job security in ANY business these days, and probably less so in porn, so I was incredibly surprised when TitanMen approached me with the offer to be exclusive. I am generally very modest about my talents and abilities so I never expected to be offered anything.

Keith Witchka: Many of your fans praise your beautiful body Dallas, tell us the secret of keeping that body so toned and that beautiful butt and cock so tasty?

Dallas Steele: I was a fat kid growing up. At 15, I weighed 245 lbs. at 5’10 (back then) with a 42 inch waist. I got teased and bullied severely about my weight until I dropped out of school and even attempted suicide. A teacher later convinced me to take my GED and go onto college, which I did, finishing two years ahead of the assholes who teased me. During that time, I also lost the weight, but it was not until about 10 years later I got serious about building my body.

I competed in regional amateur bodybuilding contests in Texas and Oklahoma from 2003 until 2008, taking several second and third place trophies, but never winning novice heavyweight. Since then, my goal has been to continue training like a bodybuilder but allow myself some compromise to enjoy life in terms of the things I eat.

I got certified as a personal trainer in 2006, and have been training people ever since in Dallas. I love seeing people get excited about the changes in their body. I also feel compelled to share my story- especially with people who are overweight. I know EXACTLY what it feels like to be teased and ostracized because of how you look.

Keith Witchka: You have worked with several of the top Gay porn labels in the business, can you tell us who your Top 3 Gay porn performers you have worked with have been and, who do you still wish you could get a chance to work with?

Dallas Steele: You want me to name just three? LOL. My criteria for this is not the usual. Half of why I would choose someone is based on their personality and attitude. I love a hot man, but if there is nothing more going on or if they’re arrogant, I’ll pass. With that said, my favorite three (in no particular order) would be Diesel Washington, Dirk Caber, and Tyler Rush. In all three cases, all three guys were very much into our scene, and I felt very much into me. Even if it’s just for the day and just “acting,” the best porn is a mini, intense passionate romance where the actors just can’t wait to fuck each other. Another sign is when it’s over. If you’d still have sex with them again off-screen, and do, that’s probably a good indicator. Down the road, I’d love to work with Rogan Richards, Eric Nero, and Eddy CeeTee. All three of them have amazing bodies and cocks as well as being versatile.

break-a-sweat-dvd-titanmen-pulse-distributionKeith Witchka: Dallas let us step into the promotional area……Now….not only are you featured in the Titan Men hit Blue Collar Ballers [2015] which was released this past August but, you are also starring in the upcoming release being distributed by Pulse Distribution, entitled Break A Sweat [2015]. Tell us about the Gay XXX adventure that is set to be released on Tuesday November 17.

Dallas Steele: We shot “Break A Sweat” on a beautiful warm day in Palm Springs in March. Hunter Marx and I were both very relaxed and it was one of those days that just seem to flow. I was also excited about getting to top Hunter considering I was told he had only recently started bottoming in movies. Hunter has a hot body and super nice cock. I was more than a little intimidated by all of him but once I was inside him, it was amazing. Equally amazing, if not more so, was him topping me. I was lucky to get to cum at the end of that scene with him pounding away. All of it that day felt effortless, which is how good porn should be.

Keith Witchka: How long did it take for Break A Sweat [2015] to complete and, are there any blooper reels that Titan Media secured for this production?

Dallas Steele: Not sure. I know our scene was shot in one day, about six hours, but I can’t speak for the rest of the scenes. I have no idea. Likewise, not sure on bloopers, but there are always funny moments.

Keith Witchka: What can Gay porn lovers expect from Break A Sweat [2015] which also features Gay porn stars Eddy Ceetee, Adam Champ, Hunter Marx, Jesse Jackman and Shay Michaels?

Dallas Steele: I think the entire movie is hot. My BF and I have jacked-off to it several times- not to my scene- but the other scenes. Eddy Ceetee is one of my favorites as is Jesse Jackman, so all of “Break A Sweat” does it for me. It’s really a back-to-basics kind of gay porn. Hot men being athletic, getting horny, and having hot sex.

Keith Witchka: Can you tell us what Titan Media has planned for you next?

Dallas Steele: Without giving away too much of what we’ve already shot for next year, I can tell you you’re going to see two films very different than anything currently in the market. Just as much sex as usual, but you’re going to experience real life and socially relevant themes, well-acted scenarios that lead up to super hot encounters.

It won’t be an overload of story and dialogue, but the perfect balance to stimulate your biggest sexual organ- the brain, as well as the cock. Beyond those two films, there is another for release in May. It’s a old-fashioned, honest to goodness leather movie in the Tom of Finland tradition.

Viewers are going to love seeing some of their favorite stars sucking and fucking in full leather. And unlike most movies, the gear stays on throughout the entire scene. I believe this movie is set to drop during International Mr. Leather and the Grabby Awards Memorial day weekend in Chicago.

Keith Witchka: Man on man action continues to be a dominant genre in the Gay porn business. While we have Beefcakes, Huge Cocks, Interracial Genres and Str8 to Gay type genres filling the racks in retail stores and spotlighted on e-retail stores, can we expect to see you dive into the Daddy/boy genre in 2016?

jesse-jackman-dallas-steele-jrl-charts-interviewDallas Steele: I love Daddy/boy movies! My first movie partner ever was young Tyler Rush in a movie for “Bound Jocks.” Tyler is as cute as they come, with an amazing ass, and equally amazing attitude. My real life boyfriend is 31 but looks 24. People constantly ask if I’m his Dad, to which, he says “he’s my Daddy.” We need to do more with the Daddy/boy theme than the obvious though. How about the boy seducing the older guy? How about the boy fucking the Dad? I think the older man luring in the young guy or plying him with money or alcohol is a pretty tired theme. We want to flip the script and have the younger guys actively pursuing the Daddies! Which is exactly what you’ll be seeing in the big holiday TitanMen film, “Like Father, Like Son” that drops later this year. The younger guys are the ones going after each other’s Dads, placing a bet to see how’s Dad is a better fuck! It’s the new modern update on inter-generational films.

Keith Witchka: Dallas tell me….with your busy career, new contract, new movie coming out…..Do you have time to have a personal life with a special someone? And if so……are you in a relationship and if so……what are their feelings on your career?

Dallas Steele: I do have a boyfriend yes. And while he doesn’t do porn- at least not yet- he is incredibly supportive of my career and has never been the jealous type. Generally, the day I’m doing a scene, he’ll text me and say “have good sex!” We are open and also enjoy sharing men from time to time. Both of us tend to like the kind of men I do movies with- smart, fit, hot with a good attitude.

Keith Witchka: What fetishes are you personally into Dallas because JRL fans are always emailing us to make sure that we ask, what are the models themselves into and not what the script calls for…so tell us..what are you intimate fantasies for what you would like to do in Gay porn Dallas?

Dallas Steele: I’m into lots of things. Probably would be easier to say what I’m not into. Beyond simple sucking, fucking, kissing and JO, I also like toys, watersports, and machines. I have my own fuck machine at home as well as an old fashioned milking machine modified for human use. I have fisted as a top many times, only a handful (pardon the pun) of times as a fisting bottom, but I’d love to explore that more on video. I love experimenting with usual lubricants, including Crisco, J-Lube or even some foods. I love men of different races- Black, Latino and Middle Eastern are so hot to me.

Keith Witchka: Dallas Thank you so much for chatting with me here on JRL CHARTS and especially for giving us an insight to your career and for giving us the 411 on Titan Men’s upcoming release of Break A Sweat [2015]. Now how can Gay porn lovers keep in contact with you for up to the minute activities of Dallas Steele on Social Media?

Dallas Steele: Absolutely….you can follow me on Twitter @ Dallassteelexxx and on Facebook at Facebook@JimWalkerDallasSteele.

Keith Witchka: Again Dallas, good luck with Break A Sweat [2015] and we look forward to seeing your performance blow up the memberships at Titan Men and to watch as retailers thrive on the rental and sales revenue from the DVD sales. Don’t be a stranger and make sure to come back and chat with us.

Dallas Steele: You are more thank welcome Keith.

Keith Witchka: There you have him, Dallas Steele, the fresh new TitanMen Exclusive Gay Adult Film Star that is sure to be the talk of the town once director Jasun Mark’s Break A Sweat [2015], hits adult stores nationwide and in the EU.

JRL Fans can purchase Break A Sweat [2015] right now on the Official Titan Media Online Store or, contact your favorite E-Retailer or brick & Mortar adult video store to reserve your copy of Break A Sweat [2015] starring Eddy Ceetee, Adam Champ, Hunter Marx, Jesse Jackman, Shay Michaels and Dallas Steele.

Retailers and independent distributors can contact Andrew Quaintance, vice president of sales at Pulse Distribution at 818.435.1604 or via email at to place your order for Break A Sweat [2015].

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