By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO, CA —Fans of twink gay porn star Grayson Lange are in for a treat today.   I have the pleasure of bringing to you today one of the fastest rising twink Gay porn stars in the business today. Of course I am referring to the 19 year-old 5’8 125lbs – with 7.5 Inches of Cock and a bubble butt you couldn’t resist, the one and only, Grayson Lange.

Born and raised in Texas, Lange is one who is athletic, very outgoing and just a dream to gaze at! For the first time ever, Grayson Lange chats with JRL CHARTS on how he managed to get signed to one of the top Gay porn labels in the business and how he is dealing with his new found fame!

Keith Witchka: Grayson Lange, thank you for granting JRL CHARTS the opportunity of interviewing one of Gay porn’s freshest new stars.

I have to ask you this one….with all of the thousands of young men who want to break into the Gay porn industry and for some reason cannot break into the big players in the business, who was it that got you through the red tape to land you an interview on one of the top Gay porn labels in the business today?

grayson_lange_promo_helix-studiosGrayson Lange: Hi Keith…well to answer that question I need to go back a little bit. I started modeling at 18, at which point I was scouted by a gay film studio by the name of Babaloo Studios. While working with Babaloo, I met my amazing friend, Brandon Wilde, who I eventually asked how I could further launch myself into Gay porn. I mean who wouldn’t want to be in Gay porn anyway?

Keith Witchka: So true…

Grayson Lange: So…Brandon put me in touch with an agency that eventually got me where I am now. A Helix exclusive!

Keith Wtichka: Talk about being in the right place at the right time…..Tell me Grayson, What attracted you to the Gay Porn Industry? Was it simply hot guys or was it that you wanted to be an exhibitionist?…Tell us the deep inside details.

Grayson Lange: That ones a little harder to answer. Many of the other aspiring models come for the hot guys, but for me… I don’t really know… it was a dream I had and I pursued it.

Keith Witchka: When you first arrived on your first shoot, what was running through your mind or better yet, did you already have a concept on how Gay porn was produced or were you surprised at how it actually works?

Grayson Lange: Well, I was extremely nervous and all….I was actually thinking..”Please Don’t Let Me Fuck this Up“. I had heard some horror stories that didn’t end up being true and I was happily surprised about how it all works. Its very laid back and easy going and everyone lets you relax. There’s no pressure. I love it!

Keith Witchka: Grayson you performed solos; Grayson Lange Photoshoot [2015],Grayson’s Jockstrap Photoshoot [2015] Your first hardcore scene entitled Cliffhanger [2015]. and more…..How was it to finally break your hardcore cherry on film?

josh_bensen-grayson_lange-h-510x340Grayson Lange: Well my first scene was Cliffhanger and it was nerve racking to say the least, but it was so much fun to film and I absolutely loved it.

Keith Witchka: Legendary director Keith Miller put you up with sexy young stud Andy Taylor to co-star with you in your first hardcore scene. Tell how it was on set for the first time.

Grayson Lange: It was fun! Andy’s a really nice guy. He was very helpful through out it all and gave me pointers. Being on set was very different. I mean there are other people in there while your having sex… Which was pretty strange for me at first, but over all I loved it!

Keith Witchka: Oh I know because a lot of young guys who want to break into the Gay Porn Industry think it is so easy until of course, they get on set and can’t perform. Tell me…Did you find it difficult at first…from nerves of being watched by a crew of people while you perform hardcore sizzling action on camera for the first time?

Grayson Lange: Yeah, I’d say I was a little difficult. I mean when you go from no one in the room to there’s a crew in here, you’re naked and you’re about to fuck. It’s very awkward at first, but the crew is used to it and slowly you get the hang of things

Keith Witchka: I will tell you from my own review of your debut hardcore scene, you nailed it! BIG TIME…Now after that performance, you then were teamed up with 8 Inch Cock Stud Kody Knight in Tickle Me Grayson [2015]. This reporter is very jealous I must say… tell us how was it performing with Knight?

Grayson Lange: Performing with Kody was a lot of fun! He’s really nice and helpful. I swear every time I film I learn something new, but I can tell you right now when that dick came out I was a little intimidated! I mean it’s 8 inches of man meet that i wasn’t expecting.

grayson_lange-fucked_by_aid-303x170Keith Witchka: Oh I understand that Grayson…TRUST…..Tell me….You have worked with some of the hottest twink Gay porn stars in the business today; Max Carter, Kody Knight, Evan Carter, Andy Taylor, Josh Benson, Aiden Garcia..which by the way..was in this reporter’s opinion an orgasmic scene…..

Has any of these performers ever made you come close to busting your load prior to the time when the money shot is due? I have had actors tell me ”Oh No…I have never almost cum while performing prematurely“….So I have to ask, out of all the hot guys you have performed with, have any of them made you so hot that you were about to burst?. and if so….Who?

Grayson Lange: Ummmm if I am going to be completely honest, I almost blew it with Troy Ryan.

Keith Witchka: Really..tell us more…

Grayson Lange: …Yeah….I mean….Troy Ryan’s big fucking cock (Pictured Right). I mean I can tell you I was warned but words can not prepare you for that monster. But yeah he’s awesome and that one I almost blew my load.

Keith Witchka: A lot of Gay porn actors find themselves after performing with a co-star, find themselves getting involved off camera. Has this happened to you and if so, which gorgeous Helix Studios model have you claimed for yourself?

Grayson Lange: Sadly no, but who knows about the future.

Keith Witchka: Your 19, stand at 5’7, with a beautiful butt and a mouth watering 7.5 inches of cock to satisfy anyone with! As a versatile performer, do you see yourself stepping into the arena of “Double Penetration”? or perhaps a Orgy Genre scene?

Grayson Lange: Well, double penetration has always intimidated me and I’m sure I’ll do it one day. An orgy sounds hot but I guess only time will tell if I get into one of those.

Keith Witchka: Now tell your fans Grayson, what is your ultimate fantasy on film with a hot guy that you hope you will be able to fulfill during your Gay porn career?

grayson_lange-fucked_by_andyGrayson Lange: Oh gosh I actually don’t know. An orgy is a fantasy and a threesome as well. So i guess that which I’m sure I will be able to fulfill.

Keith Witchka: Grayson soon you will be featured in a Helix Studios DVD film and will find yourself on shelves in retail boutiques worldwide.

Judging from your performances today exclusively streaming on the Helix Studios Online Network, you are about to expand your fan based 10 fold! Are you ready to become a certified Helix Studios Superstar in retail?

Grayson Lange: Well when you put it that way it’s a little nerve racking but yeah I’m ready.

Keith Witchka: Your latest performance premiered on Helix Studios on October 20th where you co-starred with 19 year old Top Stud Josh Bensan in Getting It On the Set [2015]. Tell us about the steamy parts of your latest performances.

Grayson Lange: Well Benson has a signature position that was a lot of fun but the steamy parts were a lot of grabbing kissing foreplay. Hes really good at what he does.

Keith Witchka: I must ask you if the production team at Helix Studios have caught you on the Blooper real yet!…Everyone loves bloopers…….So I was just wondering if you were caught in any funny situations that we can look forward to on the next Helix Studios Blooper Reel.

Grayson Lange: I’m sure there is plenty of embarrassing funny things that could be on there.

Keith Witchka: Tell the JRL Fans on how they can keep up with all of your escapades daily on Twitter or on Facebook or perhaps on Pinterest.

evan-parker_fucks_grayson_l-255x170Grayson Lange: Absolutely… can follow me on twitter @Graysonlangexxx or Instagram @Grayson_langxx_. I dont have a facebook or pinterest yet BUT THEY ARE COMING SOON SO LOOK FOR THEM!!!!!

Keith Witchka: Oh they will and so will JRL CHARTS. Grayson, thank you for chatting with me here and In my opinion, Helix has once again found another superstar who Gay porn lovers will fall in love with over and over again! We look forward to seeing more of you literally…in your next production.

Grayson Lange: Thank you Keith so much for having me.

JRL CHARTS fans get ready because Helix Studios and Helix Studios Direct are gearing up to release Grayson Lange’s first DVD production that is sure to generate impressive numbers in both e-retail, download to buys and brick & mortar outlets.

For now, check out more on Grayson Lange exclusively on the Helix Studios Online Network.

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